Owner and Chef, Fepi ParamartiOpening Early 2020!

Padi House & Grill is an authentic Indonesian restaurant in the city of West Chicago. It is an ideal place to celebrate and to create memories, whether with friends, colleagues or with your family. We cater to serve any special events, offering a variety of delicious Indonesian dishes, desserts, and traditional cakes. Dine in and enjoy one of the most beautiful historical buildings in this city.

Just 35 minutes from downtown Chicago, yet a world of its own, a night at Padi House & Grill will have you basking in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, bolstered by aromatic Indonesian spices and traditional Indonesian music playing in the background. However, we are not only about providing location and ambiance, Padi House & Grill also utilizes only the freshest ingredients, employs talented, passionate chefs and professional standard waiting staffs. Be prepared to be properly taken care of by our outstanding staffs whilst we take your palates on a culinary journey from one story to another.

Padi House & Grill is owned by Fepi Paramarti, a former Accountant, CPA, and Professor for graduate schools, who loves cooking and sharing her passions. Her specific passion for the Indonesian culinary arts, as well as her heartfelt fascination to share the richness of Indonesian culture, have culminated in her life-long goal of being a chef and restaurant owner. Fepi Paramarti has been in the catering business for many years, and her doctoral degree in Management and Leadership have been fundamental in her efforts to build up and establish Padi House & Grill.


Here at Padi House & Grill, we pride ourselves on serving inspirational cuisine, as well as providing a fresh twist on some traditional favorites. All of our food must meet rigorous requirements which ensure only the freshest, cleanest and most delicious morsels reach your table. We also provide halal meat in all our dishes and baked goods.